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The Sumiton Volunteer Fire Department now has a new tool to better protect the community against fire.


The 1999 E-One Ladder Truck is a donation from the Alabama Forestry Commission, which obtained the truck through the Federal Firefighter Program, according to an email from the Forestry Commission.


The truck was presented to the department on Monday, April 13 at Bevill State Community College in Sumiton. It's valued at $464,594.


The Alabama Forestry Commission said this ladder truck will allow the Sumiton department to more effectively and efficiently provide fire protection to their community.


The Sumiton Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for the fire protection at Bevill State Community College as well as several large schools, churches and businesses.


The Alabama Forestry Commission said it issues these vehicles to volunteer fire departments across the state, providing fire suppression services in their local communities that could not be attained relying only on state and local funding.


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Welcome to the City of Sumiton

The City of Sumiton is located on the eastern edge of Walker County and the city limits extend into Jefferson County. Some of the friendliest people on the planet live here.


Within the last several years Sumiton has grown extensively with the addition of several national chain stores and lots of new restaurants, and many other local businesses which combined make Sumiton a bustling area of commerce.


Sumiton is also the home of Bevill State Community College which has grown exponentially over the last several years. Sumiton School which is K-8 is one of the largest schools in Walker County.


The Library which is located at city hall has a large selection of books for the entire family. Also available for Library visitors is a computer with Internet access which is ideal for research, job hunting, and educational pursuits.


There are upscale subdivisions and charming older homes in the area depending on your tastes. Sumiton recently completed construction of a multi-function Senior Citizen Center which server the people of Sumiton and surrounding communities. The Senior Center is a hub of activity for Seniors and a place where they can meet, play games, eat hot meals and enjoy companionship. The Senior Center is also a safe shelter for the community during violent weather situations. Click here for photos of the Senior Center.


All of this together

makes Sumiton is a great place to raise your family.